About This Blog

They Don’t Cry is a blog about premature infants. It’s also about the treatment methods that are available, the costs and benefits of those treatments, and about potential for future treatments that could help premature children. The blog is named “They Don’t Cry” because micro-preemies don’t make a lot of noise in their incubators. The alarms go off frequently, which becomes an experience in of themselves, as this link will detail.

My wife and I were quite surprised when she went in to pre-term labor at 21 weeks of gestation. Our son, Gabriel, was born at 22 weeks and 6 days of gestation, which is generally considered below what’s possible for infant survival. Gabriel was hospitalized for five months and now seems to be developing correctly on most elements of baby life. (And, he is the child on the front page, in case you’ve been wondering about that.)

Our eventual intent with this blog is to create a book about our experience and the larger issues surrounding prematurity. We’ve got long journals we wrote while in the hospital. In this blog, I’ll be including some of those journals for context, but my main purpose is to write the book sections intended to educate the readers about prematurity and to present some of the controversies in care of premature infants.

One question about premature care that is of particular interest is about whether to intervene with a micro-preemie. The neonatologist who reported to the delivery room for the birth recommended against intubation, saying Gabriel was too immature. We told him to do it. He did a good job and never complained again, but it felt like we were looking through a window to a dreadful world of “what-if” and made us wonder about other families who go through this experience.

Lastly, let me link to a video montage of Gabriel’s progress from birth to homecoming.


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