About the authors

I (Thomas Eric Ruthford) am a writer and a financial manager. I had several newspaper reporting jobs back in the late 90s (before one-third of these jobs vanished). I have published one book, entitled Heaven Help the Single Christian, a humorous guide to searching for love at church coffee hour (written entirely before Gabriel came along). Since 2005, I’ve worked as a non-profit financial manager, doing bookkeeping and financial analysis for charities the provide human, educational and environmental services and advocacy.

My wife, Miriam Ruthford, is a zookeeper. She works with tigers, leopards, and other Asian animals at a zoo here in Western Washington. She wrote a number of the journal articles detailing Gabriel’s daily progress in the hospital. She might write a couple articles on this blog, too.

We’re both Russian Orthodox Christians, an aspect that will pop up from time to time in our writing, although this isn’t primarily meant to be a religious book we’re writing. (As an aside, neither of us is Russian — we just go to church with Russians.)


One thought on “About the authors

  1. Thanks for your blog and articles. I look forward to reading them. I feel like I grew up in a NICU. I started working in an NICU in 1981 as a nursing student at Univ. of Arizona. My youngest daughter spent time in the NICU, my first experience on the other side of the isolette. My 4 year old twin grandchildren were born at 26 weeks. Spirituality is a big part of my life. Love to you and your family, Cindy

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