Paper accepted! But I can’t talk about it…

Acceptance letter!
“As a result of the revisions made in your manuscript, we are pleased to accept your paper for publication in Pediatrics.”
And then it goes on to tell me I can’t tell anyone what’s in the paper until it publishes. This is part of my effort to get doctors to listen better to patients and give micropreemies a chance in which I and a neonatologist argue they should take an approach of [EMBARGOED]

Yeah, really. Here’s the official admonition about not talking about it:

Going forward, please take great care about communicating any specifics found in your article before its publication in Pediatrics, especially to those in the news media or competing journals. Your article is under a strict media embargo until 12:01am Eastern time on the day of early-release online. Please keep all editorial correspondence confidential, and refrain from sharing your article’s content with anyone who is not your collaborator. The American Academy of Pediatrics does send advance information about upcoming articles to members of the news media, who may contact you for interviews prior to the embargo date, but who may not publish stories until the embargo lifts. If the public relations office at your institution is planning its own publicity for your article, they also must honor the embargo. If you or your institution’s public relations staff have any questions about media outreach, please call the AAP Department of Communications at 847-434-7877.

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