I wrote a guest blog post for Catherine’s Pascha, run by an author friend of mine, Charli Riggle. We have a midnight service once a year on Pascha (Easter) and I thought this would turn our son in to a fuss-monster. What happened was much more impressive.

As someone who converted to Orthodox Christianity at the age of 22, I found out what Orthodoxy was all about through reading books such as Timothy Ware’s The Orthodox Church and by going to Inquirers’ Class and listening to hour-long talks by the priest. I learned about theology and history this way. At the time, I did not find the structure of the liturgy particularly interesting. Long chants, clergy processions, and the placement and colors of various cloths were things I noticed, but I did not ask questions about them.

Now that I have a 4-year-old and he tells me about the things he notices, I have a window in to a much more ancient way of learning about church. [Read the rest on the Catherine’s Pascha blog]