Here is a blog post on Preemie Babies 101 by David Rainey called “Expecting After a Preemie: A Worrier’s Journey to Joy.” We don’t have a baby No. 2 on the way, but this dad does a perfect job of showing the anxieties that stay with you, and the lock-boxes in which you keep said anxieties until your wife gets to a certain point in the pregnancy and they all come back.

Over the years, my wife has asked me many questions seconds after I fall asleep. Typically her questions cycle through the topics of shutting the garage, taking out the trash, locking the front door, or hearing a sound outside. Her timing is impeccable.

“Do you think Sloane will be a good big sister?”

This was a new one.

Despite its uniqueness, I handled the question exactly as I would any other as I drifted off to sleep:  I plugged it into my mental autopilot [read the rest on Preemie Babies 101]