Yesterday, I finished an article for a religious publication about how it felt to be stuck in the hospital wondering whether I could even call myself a parent with the strange experience of a baby being born who was unlikely to survive. I told Miri what it was about and I asked her to read it and she acted like I had given her a spider and did not read it.

This is why she got dropped as co-author early on in the process — the developmental editor said she was too detached and clinical in her writing style, but that if she showed more of the emotion of what it’s like to go through this experience, it could work with two authors. I told that to Miri, and she said, “NO WAY! My PTSD is bad enough, thank you. I don’t even like to read the stuff that you write about how it felt, I am not going back there.”

So I submitted the article yesterday. This is to a publication that pays actual money, so the process will be a little more competitive. If the article gets published, it’ll be as new to Miri as to the rest of the readers.