Preemie parent blog posts!

Here are several blog posts I’ve seen lately that are worthwhile of mention…

Stories of Laughter in the NICU, a compilation of parents’ short humorous memories from the NICU. There’s the preemie who peed all over his Dad, the one who’s had enough of his feeding tube and threw it, etc. I’m quoted in there once.

Blogging Your Way Through Your NICU Journey, by Andrea Ball. The author is both a preemie Mom and a newspaper reporter for the Austin American-Statesman. Blogging was an important way for us to remain connected to friends and family, and to let off some steam about the frustration of the weird place that is the NICU.

To Belong as a Preemie Parent, by Rhiannon Giles. This is about parents who might not identify as a “NICU Mom” because their babies were born somewhere between one of those shocking edge-of-viability births and a full-term birth.


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