Here’s a link to a petition at asking for preemies to always be given care when the parents request it. I have signed this and I hope you’ll think about it, too. This is a big deal to us because our son, Gabriel, was a near-miss in this regard. The doctors at first said that they would not provide care before he reached 23 weeks of gestation.

The story of this preemie is heartbreaking. I saw a picture of Zahri that is very hard to look at for me. It’s a compassionately composed picture – someone made a tiny wool jumper and wool hat for him, and put a tiny teddy bear in his hand before the picture was taken. His skin is dark red and, his eyes are fused shut. What’s most upsetting about this is that I remember Gabriel looking like this, but we took no pictures because he was immediately hustled upstairs to go to the NICU. Our first pictures of Gabriel involve a mess of wires and tubes.

I might add as a footnote that maybe federal legislation isn’t the best approach to this dilemma as it’s actually a different organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, that sets the standards here. Just the same, this petition is a meaningful way to get the conversation started and push for preemies.