A new blog post by… ME!

A new blog post by… ME! On Preemie Babies 101, the greatest blog there is for preemie parenting. Please comment, share, etc…

It’s about the unforgiving process of publishing one’s preemie story. Ok, so you’ve heard me complain about that before, but there’s some new stuff in here. Here’s the first paragraphs:

Miri and I dutifully wrote in our CaringBridge Journal almost every day during Gabriel’s five-month NICU stay. We updated relatives and friends on how Gabriel was doing. Also, we described the really cool systems and procedures that go on in the NICU — we come from families of engineers, so the “how stuff works” posts were read with great interest. My wife is a zookeeper, so she could compare things that went on in the NICU to the way endangered species at zoos are raised.

“You should write a book!” numerous people told us. “You already have, with all these journals.” Indeed, by the time we left the NICU, we had written about 40,000 words, or about 160 book pages. We’re almost there, right?

Um, no. [Click here to read the rest on PreemieBabies101]



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