Breaking Up Isn’t That Hard To Do

Boy does this post explain a great deal of my own distraction as a writer.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Always a classic. From XKCD.

A couple of weeks ago, I read a post from a conservative wingnut someone whose political views differ from mine. It wasn’t their original thought, but a re-posted meme from a hate-mongering politically oriented talk radio station. A photo, with a caption, that touched on an issue I hold dear, that I believe to be genuinely important in my country and to my fellow citizens.

And it was wrong.

Someone was wrong on the internet.

I looked up some statistics. I did some math. I rephrased as evenhandedly as I could. I revised. I posted my response, with substantiating links and documentation that this wasn’t just my opinion, this was verifiable fact.

It took forty-five minutes.

The response–one sane and compassionate person who agreed with me, a few likes, and a doubling-down from the original poster, reaffirming her position that people not as white and…

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