I’ve jumped genres a couple of times while working on the book about our son’s premature birth and the journey we went on through the NICU. This means that the title keeps changing. The current title of “Break the Rules, Help Me Survive: The Story of our 22-week micropreemie son” is no longer usable. It’s supposed to be a novel that really happened (a memoir), and that frustrating 23-week-and-zero-day policy is no longer the center of the plot.

Here are some other titles I’ve thought about, but none of them really sing to me:

  • Life Support and Other Things You Can Grow Out of: A Micropreemie’s Struggle to Survive
  • Unplugging the Baby
  • When Your Human Baby Behaves Like a Marsupial
  • Vent Rider: The Adventures of Superpreemie
  • Remember to Breathe, Remember to Pray: Parents and Micropreemie Try to Be a Family
  • 17 Weeks Too Soon: Trying to Be Father and Son in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Loving my Son, Staring at the Ventilator: The Story of our Micropreemie’s Sudden Birth and Slow Recovery
  • Father’s Day in Preemie Jail: Our Baby Born 17 Weeks Early and Trying to be Parents in the Neonatal ICU
  • Please Cry, Baby: Our Micropreemie Stuck in a Plastic Womb in the Neonatal ICU

Some titles I’ve come up with (but rejected by those around me) have included:

  • Darth Baby and the Quest for An Easier Sequel (too silly)
  • Infinite Improbability Baby: Our Micropreemie Son Versus the Odds, and What Do the Odds Mean Anyway? (too Douglas Adams)
  • Happy Term Day to You (too obscure, only preemie parents will get it.)
  • Babies Come From Plastic Spaceships and Other True Stories to Tell My Son When He’s Older (probably too silly)

Titles of other books in my market have included:

Of the above three, I don’t like them that well. The last one is so non-specific, doesn’t even mention that it relates to a preemie, and the first one just starts out with the name of two emotions. (The second one’s ok, I guess.)

Any thoughts you can offer in the comments? Would love to hear them!

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