Here’s a post from Neonatal Research, a blog by a neonatologist in Montreal. It’s about a statement recently published on preemies at the edge of life and a number of facts that it gets wrong.

Neonatal Research

Oh Dear, here we go again…

This is a joint statement from ACOG and the SMFM. There is some good in here, but you’d think they could at least get the facts right.

“Delivery before 23 weeks of gestation typically leads to neonatal death irrespective of newborn resuscitation (5-6% survival)”.

This is just nonsense. What does this mean, that if you don’t resuscitate you will get the same survival as if you do? Survival is 0% without resuscitation and between 21 and 40% if you do. What is the point of mixing figures from patients with active treatment, and those without? So that you can say to an expectant mother, “in a mixed group of infants, some of whom received active care and others did not, (but we aren’t going to tell you how many) 5 to 6% survived”?

The references they give for that percentage show what can…

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