Such a collection of writers you meet at a conference…

Today was the first day of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association annual conference in Sea-Tac. It’s a big deal — 400 writers, interesting panels and seminars, cool keynote speakers such as Andre Dubus III, and the opportunity to network with lots of other writers. The variety of topics and the people promoting them is pretty amazing:

A how-to book about how to do stop-motion photography with Barbies performing Shakespeare; vampires running a worldwide slave trade; a 13-year-old girl discovering she’s the chosen leader of a band of immortals; another 13-year-old girl discovering she’s a witch after her grandmother dies; an obstetric anesthesiologist (the author, not the topic); How I Spent My Zombie Apocalypse (title kinda says it all); a memoir about mental health and the suicide of a daughter; time-travel romance with the devil in Pompeii; and a memoir about an 8-year-old girl happily helping a drug-smuggling organization, going to law school and getting indicted her last semester. (Interesting practicum.)

This is my first-ever writer’s conference, so it’s kind of a big deal for me.


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