Whenever someone tells me they’re expecting a baby, I have to bite my tongue, and be careful not to say, “I hope you make it to term.” No, I tell myself, the appropriate response is, “Congratulations!” This is one of those things about being a preemie parent – when someone is giving updates and looking to commiserate about their experience so far, you must not terrify them.

I wish I had some “normal” memories to draw on from my son’s birth. Not getting to have the joyous birth experience you wanted is one of the losses preemie parents endure. I sometimes fantasize I could go back and edit the experience the way that movie directors will use computer animation to edit their old movies and re-release a special edition DVD set. (George Lucas did this twice with his original three Star Wars movies.)

Here’s how I might revise some scenes for the special edition:

The Drive – Let’s still have Dad driving Mom to the hospital, but just one hospital this time. That’s better than going to the small suburban hospital first…

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