Two posts I’m working on…

So it’s been a week since I posted anything on this blog, longer since I posted anything on-topic. They say you’ve got to post at least once a week, so here’s two things I’m working on:

Next week, PreemieBabies101 is planning to publish a blog post by me about a fantasy of editing preemie birth memories, sort of like how George Lucas goes back and edits the Star Wars Trilogy to make more money. Originally, we have Dad sitting next to the delivery-room bed crying and reading from a prayerbook, anticipating their baby’s imminent death, and a young nurse has stepped in to the role of birth coach since Dad never got the class about how to do that. In the edited version, we have Dad with a little pom-pom cheering, “Chocolate, chocolate, flowers, Flowers, FLOWERS! I will rub your back for HOURS!”

I’m also working on a summer-themed piece about how to take a vacation while you’re a NICU parent. That is, after several months in the NICU, the nurses have told you several times that you’re the most intensely committed parent they’ve seen in a long time, and you’re getting the impression this is not a compliment. What it means is that they’d really like it if you bathed and went three sentences without saying “Oh my God.” If your baby is stable, it might be time for a one-night getaway within 100 miles. You’ll clutch your cell phone continuously and jump out of your skin every time it chimes, but…


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