CAUTION: AGGRESSIVE DUCKS on SE 200th St. in Maple Valley. They apparently dislike tall bicyclists. I surprised two of them as they were waddling beside the road and turned and advanced towards me on foot with their wings out, hissing and flapping. I tried going around them several times but they just kept outflanking me. When they got too close, I tried shooing them away with my foot and shouting “Get away from me, you crazy little avians!” and that caused them to retreat about an inch. I thought about squirting them with my water bottle (good method for dispersing dogs), but it occurred to me the phrase “like water off a duck’s back” exists in English for a reason. I didn’t want to throw a rock at them because they’re so small. They continued herding me down the street and around the corner, where the passing drivers slowed down to observe the spectacle. (I hope they weren’t laughing too hard at me.)

Eventually they flew away.

Kind of off topic of the other stuff I blog about, but I might as well have some fun.


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