A few days ago, I wrote a similar letter to our hospital’s medical ethics board about OUR 22 week 6 day preemie whom the doctor did not want to treat. (But he made an exception.)


There is an amazingly hopeful article in the NY Times about the survival of 22 weekers. I can’t begin to describe how I felt as I read that article. There are doctors who agree that viability could begin under 23 weeks. There is hope!!

The following letter is sitting in envelopes ready to be mailed, along with a few pages of additional medical information, to medical directors at NICUs across the country. I don’t think the timing could be better. This is my plea.

Dear NICU Doctor,

I’m writing to you with utmost respect and admiration for what you do.  In my eyes you are a hero. Doctors like you saved the life of my son against seemingly insurmountable odds. I hope you will take a moment to read this letter and look over the information included. It is important.

I am writing to you as a mom; A…

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