New York Times article about a new study on 22-week micropreemies!

This story from the New York Times is a big deal, about how 22-weekers can survive. Our 22 week / 6 day preemie did survive quite well. There’s a quote about two thirds of the way through:

“It’s very difficult to say to a mother, ‘If you deliver today, I’m going to do nothing, but if you deliver tomorrow, I’m going to do everything,’ ” said Dr. Neil Marlow, a neonatologist at University College London.

Yeah, that exact thing happened to us. The doctor did not want to treat at first, and even said if Miri delivered before midnight, he wouldn’t help. (He made an exception because it was 40 minutes before midnight.)

Over the next couple days, I’ll be reading through the actual study in the NEJM, and I hope I can blog some more on it.


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