More Medicine

Wow, an amazing explanation of depression from a preemie Mom.

Today is day three of taking a new antidepressant.

I’ve take antidepressants for ten years.

Citalopram, Fluoxitine, Venlafaxine, Gabapentin, Sertraline.

I’ve needed sleeping pills and tranquillisers on and off for the last four years.

Zopiclone, Zolpiden, Diazepam.

Now it’s time for antidepressant number 6.


I’ve slept 36 out of the last 48 hours.

The hours that I’ve been awake have been confused and fractured. I’m unsure of the day and the date and I only know what time it is because there are clocks in every room.

I don’t really know what’s happening around me.

I cuddled Squidge when he came home from nursery and then I realised he was in bed.

The TV is on and the Northern One has been talking to me but the words and pictures have all jumbled together and I can’t pick them apart.

When I have been able to catch hold of…

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