Two friends of ours announced their pregnancies during their first trimesters recently. One is in her mid-40s and put it up on Facebook at six weeks, and now, at 10 or 11 weeks, told everyone of the miscarriage. Another is in her 20s, and just announced she was five weeks along, and we can pray that one goes well.

With Gabriel, we told close family when we were 6 weeks along, but decided to wait until 12 weeks to decide we were safe and could tell the world. Yeah, that worked well as we made it to 21 weeks and went in to meltdown mode with pre-term labor.

At present, we are not expecting, but if we are at some point, I wonder which is the better approach? Some have said that the earlier announcement is better because then you can have more people praying for your child, but then at the same time, a miscarriage isn’t something you want to be sharing with the people whom you sort of remember from high school.