New title needed — The Infinite Improbability Baby?

I had a meeting yesterday with an experienced author who had volunteered to read three sample chapters of my manuscript. One question I asked was whether the title, “They Don’t Cry,” worked well. She said that it sounded more like a thriller title. And I do sort of get that. A reader might think, “The babies don’t cry, but they do levitate and the nurses on that floor are exhibiting signs of possession but none of them remember it… AND WHY?”

There is a great deal of mystery in this book, but not that kind of mystery. So, it’s time to think of some alternative titles:

  1. Darth Baby and the Quest for an Easier Sequel (my wife said this was too silly and I can’t use it).
  2. Too Young to Survive (gets at the intent, but not inspirational).
  3. The Infinite Improbability Baby. (Also probably too silly, but there was a copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in the room when we were talking.)
  4. Unlikely Tiny Survivor.
  5. Brief but Important Message. (Refers to the Archangel Gabriel, but it’s kind of obscure.)
  6. Happy Term Day to You. (Preemie parents will get this, but it might be too obscure.)
  7. Babies Come From Plastic Spaceships (And other things to explain to my son when he’s older).

What do you think?


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