This baby was born at exactly the same gestational age as our Gabriel, 22w6d. It’s amazing how much in this article relates to things we’ve been through!


We’re always thankful for James. Not a day goes by that I’m not cognizant of the fact that our lives could be very different. That reality is clearer than ever now, as I’ve been researching prematurity and viability for a personal project. I expected to find controversy and a range of opinions regarding viability of the earliest micro preemies. I have not been disappointed. Controversy exists over gestational age limits among doctors and nurse alike, and recommendations can vary widely. Some studies recommend comfort care for all babies born under 24 weeks gestation, and others recommend life saving measures as early as 22 weeks if the infant shows signs of survival. Being born at the right hospital can make all the difference in the world! It certainly did for James.

I’m thankful to see that some studies are recommending life saving measures at least be considered as early as 22 weeks gestation. This is the reason I share James’ story every chance I…

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