The real endowment for the arts

This morning, I started driving with Gabriel, and he was quiet for the whole car trip — except for the last block when we turned down the street where the daycare house is. And that’s where he started crying. He’s two and a half, and he’s gone to that day care maybe 7 or 8 times, and we go once a week now, for a half day. This is so that I can go to the library and WRITE.

At present, I am a stay-at-home Dad and writer. Last week, I had an interview for a budget analyst position at a city government, and it seemed like a really nice opportunity. And then, they decided to hire an internal candidate. Thus, I am going to continue collecting unemployment benefits, which, as you know, is the REAL endowment for the arts.

It’s so challenging to find time to write while keeping up with his feeding needs, and while getting climbing on and used as a trampoline when I try to write. And, while unemployed and living with relatives, it’s really hard convincing yourself that you’re still a grownup. But, I’m mostly done with a chapter on prevention methods, and I’m hoping I can get a blog post together on that.


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